Free Legal Advice

Free Legal Advice for Injury Compensation Claims

Think you can’t afford an attorney? Think again! Free legal advice is available.

Having access to free legal advice is huge benefit for those are:

  • Unable to afford the costs associated with legal representation
  • Looking  for answers but don’t want to be forced to pay high fees upfront
  • Not yet ready to select a lawyer
  • Unsure of what to do

It’s impossible to know all the answers when it comes to the law, but with the help of a skilled lawyer who offers free legal advice, you can get the information you need. People need the help of lawyers every day. Whether it’s for representation regarding a workers compensation injury, a motor accident injury or for assistance in reaching a settlement in a medical malpractice suit, the value of legal advice cannot be denied.

Remember, there are many types of Personal Injury Claims, such as Workers Compensation, CTP Motor Vehicle Claims, Product Liability Claims, Medical Negligence Claims, just to name a few so please do contact us to find out more about YOUR individual situation!

If you have been involved in an accident is best to seek free legal advice straight away as you may be entitled to legal compensation. Free legal advice (or free legal aid) is available.

At Legal Compensation, every person is entitled to free lawyer advice. Or if you prefer you can get free online legal advice by completing the online enquiry form on this web page. If you are searching for the free legal advice you are in the right place as the lawyers we work with are experts in personal injury law.  Free legal advice can provide you with the right knowledge to ensure you are compensated properly and sufficiently. Without getting free lawyer advice you will not be aware of all your entitlements to compensation.

For legal advice, you need to be dealing with a lawyer who specialises in the area in which the accident took place. At Legal Compensation the lawyers we work with practice across every State or Territory in Australia, so wherever your injury took place we can arrange to legal advise you. We offer free legal advice Australia wide on:

  • Worker’s compensation or WorkCover claims – legal advice
  • Personal injury claims – legal advice
  • Car accident claims – legal advice
  • Public liability claims – legal advice
  • Negligence claims (or common law claims) – legal advice
  • Product liability claims – legal advice
  • Medical negligence claims – legal advise

For all types of accidents on the road, at work or in a public place it is always a good idea to seek legal advice regardless of how ‘accommodating’ parties may seem.

Whatever you think your case may be, if you are wondering ‘Am I entitled to anything? ’Legal advice may reassure you and give you the knowledge you need to follow through a claim for compensation. Free law advice is at the end of the phone whenever you need to check your rights to claim. Compensation is your legal right and if you prefer online legal advice complete the case review form right here on this page and we will get back to you in 24hrs with free online legal advice.

Legal Compensation’s free legal advice gives you the opportunity to:

  • Ask your questions without fear of costs and pressure
    The idea of bringing your case before a lawyer can seem quite intimidating. Couple that with the knowledge that by doing so you are incurring high fees, and you may find yourself rushing and not getting the information that you really need. Legal Compensation has free legal advice that will give you the opportunity to present your case comfortably and without feeling pressured.
  • Determine whether you or not you should move forward
    Not every case is worth pursuing in the court of law and can be amicably settled between the two parties. You may even discover after talking to a lawyer that you don’t have a case at all. Only a lawyer can advise you as to whether or not to move forward with your claim. Be sure to find a lawyer that is more focused on being truthful with you rather than making a dollar off of you.
  • Rest assured that you are making the right decisions
    It can be difficult to know exactly what to do when it comes to the law. You may be wondering whether you should settle, sue, wait, move forward, or a million other things. By taking advantage of free legal advice you will receive a plan of action that you can be sure of.
  • Help you confidently choose a lawyer
    Although you can’t judge a lawyer just by the fees and expenses they charge, it does say at lot about an individual when they are willing to offer their time and services for free. By discussing your case with lawyers that offer free legal advice, you can narrow down your selection regarding which lawyer you’d like to ultimately have represented your claim.
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