Motorbike Accidents

Injury Compensation Claims for Motorbike Riders

While motorcycles account for about 2% of registered vehicles, motorcyclists are around *1eight times more likely to be injured in a motorbike accident than a passenger in a motor vehicle.

Approximately *2 1/3 of motorbike accidents occur at intersections when a motor vehicle has turned too close in front of the rider. Drivers state they have not seen the rider, the explanation also given by drivers who have rear-ended motorcycles stopped at traffic lights.

According to International Motorcycle Manufacturer’s Association secretary general, Dr Nick Rogers, *3speed is not the major contributor to motorbike accidents, with European research indicating most accidents occur below 50km/h.

Why all the statistics? Because they indicate many motor bike accidents are not caused by the negligence of the injured rider, creating a strong case for a motor bike accident compensation claim.

Each State or Territory has different laws governing compensation claims resulting from a motor bike accident, and the time limit in which the accident must be reported. All accidents should be reported immediately to the police, followed by your insurance company.

As insurance companies sometimes seek to minimise or delay payment we strongly recommend you discuss your right for fair compensation by seeking free legal advice.  You can speak to an expert injury lawyer and it won’t cost you anything to find out everything you need to know.

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