No Win No Pay Lawyers

Our Lawyers do not charge fees unless you Win!

At Legal Compensation, we will put you in touch with a no win no fee lawyer who may take your claim on a no win no fee basis. This means it won’t cost you anything to commence a claim for compensation.

At Legal Compensation an independent no win no fee lawyer will:

  • Review your case free of charge and under no obligation;
  • Advise you of your legal entitlements, options, and expectations;
  • Give you an idea of how much compensation you may be entitled to;
  • Advise you of the best way to proceed;
  • Advise you if your case qualifies for a ‘no win no fee’ arrangement.

If after the free case review it appears will require the services of a personal injury lawyer in which to process your claim, we will recommend the best lawyer for your case.

At Legal Compensation, no win no fee means if for any reason your claim for compensation is not successful you do not have to pay costs to your lawyer. All the costs that are incurred such as disbursements, expenses and legal fees arising from your claim will be taken on by the no win no fee lawyer who you appointed to take on your case. Independent lawyers take this risk as they have the confidence to achieve the best result for you and it’s in their best interest to ensure you are compensated sufficiently and fairly. Legal fees are only payable at the end and only if you once you have been awarded your compensation.

The way your claim will develop will much depend on your type of claim, which State or Territory in which your injury occurred and the specific circumstances of your injury. In many cases, negligence needs to be clearly established but in other cases, it does not matter who is at fault.

You will need a no win no fee lawyer who specialises in your particular type of claim and in the laws of your particular State or Territory. This knowledge is essential, however it is not just the knowledge of the law that will get a good result for you it is also how well your claim is prepared, handled and negotiated.

A no win no fee lawyer will:

  • Prepare your claim to present to the insurance company;
  • Arrange the relevant independent medical assessments and gather other relevant evidence and information;
  • List a schedule of all items that are being claimed;
  • Negotiate and settle your claim for compensation.

The injury compensation lawyers we work with are friendly, approachable, charge reasonably and have settled thousands of claims successfully out of Court. All initial consultations and investigations of your claim are free of charge and you are under no obligation to appoint them as your lawyer unless you so wish after the case review and initial investigations.

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