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Personal Injury from a WORK Accident?

If you have suffered a personal injury at work, it is very important for you to be fully aware of what your FULL entitlements are, what options are available for you and what the next important step is for you to take after suffering a personal injury. By seeking legal advice you can find out more about Workers Compensation entitlements. Legal Compensation understands the emotional and financial stresses after suffering a personal injury that’s why we have made our personal injury services so approachable and offers a quick response when in the time of need from a personal injury solicitor to be advised on Workers Compensation Claims.

Employers hold Workers Compensation personal injury insurance for a reason and that reason is to insure their employees against personal injuries and accidents and if an accident does arise. If you have sustained a personal injury at work, it is your legal right to make a personal injury claim and regardless who is at fault, you may still be entitled to make a claim for the personal injury sustained in the work place.

If your personal injury leaves you with permanent damage (Eg: a scar, loss of limb, or an injury resulting in a life change) you may receive a lump sum payout. If it can be proven your personal injury was caused by someone else’s negligence, you may also be entitled to make a Common Law Claim. This is why it’s highly recommended you seek personal injury compensation legal advice from a free help organisation personal injury lawyer before you sign or accept any offer of compensation and to get a second opinion to make sure that you get the compensation payout you deserve.

Have you received an offer from the insurance company? If so, then it is certainly the right time to seek WorkCover legal advice from a personal injury lawyer about your personal injury before you sign your rights away. Once you accept any offer you may be prevented to pursue other personal injury law claims which could be worth thousands of dollars more to you in compensation. Seek legal advice as time limits do apply.

Personal Injury from a ROAD Accident?

Have you sustained a personal injury whilst on a motor cycle or in a car accident as the passenger, the driver or as a pedestrian? Then you may be able to make a free personal injury claim for compensation even if you have just sustained a whiplash injury. AND if you are found to be partially at fault, you may still be able to make a personal injury claim for compensation for the personal injuries sustained.
Firstly by law, you MUST report the accident to the Police with 28 days of the accident and this is essential. The next step is to find out all of what you are entitled to by speaking with a personal injury lawyer as the insurance companies does not always advise you entirely.

Personal Injury Entitlements may include:

  • Payment of medical expenses
  • Reinstatement of loss of earnings
  • Reinstatement of out of pocket expenses
  • Reinstatements of travel expenses
  • Reasonable funeral expenses in the event of a fatal personal injury
  • Lump sum compensation for the personal injury sustained

Seek legal advice and find out what you can claim, where you stand legally and be advised of your entitlements after suffering a personal injury.

Dependants of a person who has been fatally injured in a motor vehicle accident may also be able to make a personal injury compensation claim through the CTP insurance if negligence has been established. If you were travelling on your way to or from work you may also have potential Workers Compensation entitlements for your personal injury.

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